10 Strategies for Building Lasting Relationships with Janitorial Clients

Jason Hunt
April 23, 2024
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What does it take to build a network of loyal clients for your janitorial business? Do you push your efforts to create unforgettable client experiences that keep them coming back for more?

The janitorial industry thrives on building lasting relationships with clients, while providing them with perks that drive their loyalty to newer heights.

Let’s give you a rundown of the top 10 ways you can connect with your janitorial clients and build a strong business relationship that lasts!

Building Client Relationships in the Janitorial Industry

All businesses revolve around clients, and with that knowledge, businesses try to bag as many as possible. Sometimes it’s not how many you’ve served, but how many have come back to you repeatedly for more.

Creating that sort of an experience for customers where they keep coming back is what we call customer retention, and that itself becomes your base income over time.

Building client relationships is supposed to be your go-to strategy when thinking of the future of the business because –

  1. You can’t capture all clients, you will have competitors.
  2. Your competitors will try harder to persuade your clients to jump ship.
  3. The longer you keep a client hooked, the longer you reap profits.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most effective strategies that enforce long lasting client relationships for the janitorial industry in 2024.

Follow each of these strategies, and ensure not just the survival, but also the growth of your janitorial business.

10 Strategies to Bolster Janitorial Client Relationships

1. Communication

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Communication holds you and your business together, just like it helps clients stick around.

Communicating with a client is where you establish that work relationship where you get to really talk about what they need and which services you provide; that’s all basic.

Communication goes beyond that. It demands that you stay in touch with your clients, keeping up with them, asking them if they need cleaning, informing them about new cleaning techniques, and pretty much all that it takes to build a long client relationship.

It’s something you need to keep up with since it is reported that 72% of clients switched their janitorial service providers due to poor communication.

We know you get the flow!

2. Do the Extra – Beyond Cleaning

a man is cleaning table wearing gloves

As a specialist in the janitorial industry, your skills in cleaning is what your clients need. Or perhaps that’s what we all thought.

Sometimes, providing that extra perk can allow clients to decide on a long-term cleaning partner for their office.

All your competitors are also providing the promise of top notch cleaning, perhaps you could offer an extra complimentary sanitization package, or perhaps a structured cleaning plan for their office, going the extra mile always pays off.

3. Building Trust and Transparency

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Trust and transparency sound like boring keywords on an advert, but perhaps you need to dive a little deeper.

As a cleaner, your client needs to trust you with keeping their office clean. Simply ask questions, inform your clients about changes in services, or show up on time during a cleaning session.

With enough acts of enforcing trust and transparency, your client will not think of another cleaner to replace you.

4. Have a Trained & Certified Workforce

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Hiring a workforce to do your job? Make sure you train them in proper cleaning techniques and client-handling etiquette.

When your cleaners go over to your clients, they represent your cleaning business, and you want them to do that just right. Conduct training sessions and possibly have your long-term employees undergo certification programs.

This will aid in cementing a solid reputation for your cleaning business, keeping clients hooked.

5. Integrate Tech

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Adding to your services, and upgrading them is always good for your work process, but it also adds value to your business.

If your janitorial business is known for using robotics and AI for cleaning, you are sure to get a bit of attention from clients looking to stay up-to-date with the trends.

Moreover, with better tech you can provide better service, and with better service, you can keep your clients longer. It all adds up!

6. Exude Confidence & Follow Up

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You as a cleaner hold an expertise in your industry. Your client hires you with the trust that you know your game with full reliability.

Your task is to uphold that confidence they have in you by first representing yourself with the right energy.

Make a checklist and check out all the boxes for your clients, and they’ll know they’re working with a professional.

The confidence you exude today must follow up with action and excellent cleaning service. Give your client the peace of mind that everything is being handled through experts, and set up an entire year’s plan.

Set the game ahead for your clients and keep them hooked!

7. Loyalty Programs & Offers

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Adding value to your cleaning services doesn’t always mean top-notch cleaning. Sometimes, the extra could come from offers and loyalty programs.

All you have to do is set up a special treat for your clients. Perhaps a reduction in fees for an occasion or a special incentive for clients, adding an extra perk to their services.

8. Personalize Client Experience

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Every client is an individual, and with that knowledge, you can personalize your services to suit their needs, moods, and preferences.

Personalization is a lot like hitting on all the pressure points for your clients. It makes them feel like they matter a lot to you and your work, and you’re prepared to address each individual issue, creating a long lasting client relationship.

9. Establish a Strong Online Presence

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Clients love it when you have a touch of authenticity and originality, which usually comes from having a strong online presence.

Let’s say you’ve completed a job for a client, who can then proceed to look for your business online. Your business better be there online, or someone else will take that spot and get the attention of your clients.

Create a website, make a Facebook Page, or simply optimize your google business profile, and you’ll be on your way to bolstering client retention!

10. Client Feedback & Reviews

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Once you’ve served a client, you can ask for feedback, and if you have an established online presence, you could even get a review.

Online reviews help you get clients, but they also help your client have a good impression of you beforehand.

Online reviews on Facebook and Google Maps and testimonials on your website are surely the way to go. Remember, a happy janitorial client is 63% more likely to recommend you to others.

Bonus Tips

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Beyond strategies, we can advise you on a few bonus tips that will help you secure a stronger working relationship with your janitorial clients.

Remember, the service you provide is not exclusive. How you create value is what works in your favor in creating a network of loyal clients.

1. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

Give yourself the upper hand when you stay informed and ahead of the janitorial industry trends, and improved practices.

2. Add Value your Cleaning Process

Have your workers do a little extra, perhaps change the towels in the restrooms, or an extra coat of wipe for safety.

3. Set Up Mobile Alerts

Notify your clients when their scheduled cleaning date comes up through a simple text message. They’ll appreciate these little things.

4. Gift Baskets

When festivities roll in, leave a little gift basket for your customers as a token of appreciation for staying with your janitorial business.

5. Community Involvement

Get involved with cleaning drives across your region of operations, or clean someones office for free and document it for extra rep.


Since everyone’s providing the cleaning, you might as well provide the experience for your clients since 84% of clients are more inclined to pick a company based on the experience they provide rather than the service.

Keep those metrics up, and build lasting relationships with your clients, creating a snowball effect down the line.

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