Winning Tips On Landing Big Office Cleaning Contracts as a Janitor

Jason Hunt
April 27, 2019
These questions assist you in knowing where you will get your contracts from, and the answers will determine whether the deals will come from a big office or a small one. The vision you see and the actions you take defines where you will get your office cleaning contracts from. If you think big and also act big, then you are bound to get big businesses too. I used to think the way you start your business will determine where you will get your contract, and I also thought it has to do with the right network. Over time, I realized that starting big or small doesn’t make your business static or blossom.

The success of a janitorial business has to do with pursuing the right strategies for achieving big goals.

It further requires persistence, sleepless nights, and publicity!

You are responsible for your business success. I will share some essential steps to take in other to win big office cleaning contracts.

The tips to win office cleaning contracts are as follows:

  • Target Companies In Your Neighborhood

Your initial target customers are offices in your area because it’s easier to reach them due to the lesser distance between you and their respective offices.

 Furthermore,  you can nurture your marketing that will attract the attention of the bigger commercial centers, offices, or even medical and hospitals during this pandemic. 

If you start locally, there are good chances for you to build up networking with people of interest willing to refer your services to their peers.

Also, you can show a nearby company that you are also a part of the same community servicing others; therefore, proving your reliability factor as well.

  • Partner With a Pro First

It is advised to partner with a professional cleaning service first before you catch any big office cleaning contracts.

Partnering with a recognized cleaning service is an excellent way to get started.

Find a strategic partner that is willing to help both of you win the contract.

Humility will work wonders for you, so just possess an open mind and be prepared to learn every day.

  • Make a List Of Your Offered Services

To land any big cleaning jobs, you have to understand what services you could render.

Check your past cleaning experiences to see what you have done before and you will be comfortable delivering them.

Write the services down on your notepad.

List as many services as you can come up with and get ready to deliver them at a price.

  • Meet With the Owner or Someone from the Management

After realizing the company you wish to work on is a local company.

Walk inside and try to meet HR or anybody who makes the primary business decisions.

After you have identified the few companies.

  • Speak with the decision-maker or manager about what you do and the services you provide.
  • Ask for an opportunity to set a face to face appointment with them where you can discuss your small business personally.
  • Visit nearby companies and figure out whoever is facing any cleaning problem, and you can definitely solve those problems.

But the best part about Janitorial Leads Pro is that we help commercial cleaners overcome each of the above steps so you could directly meet with any facility manager in person.

  • Explain Why You Should Get the Office Cleaning Contract

Small scale business owners should distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Ensure to do your research properly and find out what products or services the company might be willing to buy.

 Discuss how you as a janitorial service stand out from other cleaning services, in terms of quality and all the cleaning standards you are maintaining to prevent CoVID-19 virus infection.  

This question might be tricky, but it requires an intelligent answer.

Boost Your Online Marketing Through Google Business Profile -


Getting your business listed on the local Google directory as a cleaning service should be one of the most important things to tackle before aiming for big customers; what’s the use if you’re not present on the local search list?

Your janitorial business will be listed on the local search result and show up on the map revealing all the necessary data that big offices might want to know first.

Over time your business listing will generate reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers, which will further help your business site rank higher and eventually on the very first page!

You will then start receiving organic cleaning contracts or janitorial leads all throughout the year! However, dedicated janitorial appointment setters will still be needed to reach out on your behalf.

  • Don’t Underpay Yourself

Keep money for yourself to sustain during the rainy days. Businesses require at least 6 months of the reserve.

Prove that your fee is the value of the cleaning service you will render.

When you set an appointment with the company, ensure you show up and prove that you know what you are talking about.

Your research is one of the reasons to justify why you are the right person for the contract, so do not show up with much sugar-coated mouth; talk about all the services you can render.

 You can go through one of our guides on how much should you charge for commercial cleaning contracts. 

This appointment is to prove you can clean the company in a way they will love it. Prove it

  • Prepare a Legal Office Cleaning Contract

Setting up a compelling sales proposal that includes a legally binding office cleaning contract can be easy.

The trick? Copy and paste from existing templates.

Some of the best electronic signature platforms will provide a proposal and contract templates you can clone and edit.

Once created, you can easily clone more copies to win more assignments, and the clients can e-sign over the web remotely, or in-person on a phone or tablet to get started with you.

  • Get Referrals and Testimonials

The hardest job is most often the first contract, but if you deliver your best, the business owner or the management staff will recommend you to other company owners.

Make sure they are glad and satisfied with your services if you want to sustain them in the long run; therefore, request referrals and recommendations from existing clientele via email.

These steps are meaningless if you do not take immediate action, so identify and search for a few companies you can work with.

Research the company’s cleaning problems that you can solve in the companies and how much your time is worth.

Set an appointment and show them why you’re the best person to render the cleaning service.

Identify the major concerns first to come up with proper solutions for those problems.
  • Assign Dedicated Staff for Negotiations

Having an outreach team for your cleaning business will allow all your business processes to operate in a smooth motion.

A trained team will handle all forms of communications.

This involves taking inquiry calls from customers and prospects and reaching out to prospects offering your services.

Furthermore, this will enable your janitors to do what they do best and that’s effective cleaning.

A big office cleaning contract requires you to have tasks divided and handled differently while dedicating a separate team to carry out communications and negotiations; thus, giving you the edge at winning valuable contracts.

 Over time your business listing will generate reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers, which will further help your business site rank higher and eventually on the very first page! 

You will then start receiving organic office cleaning contracts or janitorial leads all throughout the year!

However, dedicated janitorial appointment setters will still be needed to reach out on your behalf.

  • Hire a Business Developer for Negotiating or Onboarding Newer Contracts:

Having an outreach team for your cleaning business will allow all your processes to operate smoothly.


A trained team will handle all forms of communications, which further involves receiving inquiries from customers and prospects offering your services.

  • This will allow your janitors to do what they do best, and that’s effective cleaning.
  • A big office cleaning contract requires you to have tasks divided and handled differently through a team to carry out communications.
  • Negotiations will give you that edge in winning more valuable commercial cleaning contracts.
  • Become a Certified Janitorial Service: 

Sometimes scaling your services up to larger clients will require you to get certified and become authorized janitors.

Cleaning certifications will improve your standing among other service providers and give you the status of a professional.

This, in turn, will allow your prospects to accept you as a certified cleaning service in your area.

 Cleaning certificates can be obtained by going through an evaluation and assessment, and these evaluations will be handled by governing bodies such as ISSA and OSHA. 

CIMS certification helps you to stand out.
  • Your staff receives thorough training on janitorial cleaning before the evaluation.
  • Once you receive a certificate, your janitorial business will receive a certificate to become listed in the local registry as a certified cleaning business.
  • Large offices will be looking at those listings and for your business under the listing of essential cleaners for swaying their judgment in your favor.

Promote Your Cleaning Service on Linkedin:

Indeed, Linkedin can be an invaluable platform capable of connecting you with big or profitable office cleaning contracts or commercial cleaning leads.

With all the corporates, principals, founders, and other decision-making prospects for targeting with sponsored ads, LinkedIn can ensure improved reach through appropriate marketing techniques.

Quite similar to Facebook, there are relevant communities comprising members from big offices that might hire you.

Sales navigator for leaving personalized messages to the right prospects.

The sales navigator feature of LinkedIn premium is quite effective for dropping personalized emails for piquing interest.

  • Focus on Updating Your CRM: 

Customer Relationship Management or (CRM) is one of the most important facets of holding on to existing, as well as, landing newer office cleaning contracts.

Maintaining a CRM will portray professionalism as your clients and prospects will feel better connected with you as you will easily recall their needs stated in the past.

With a growing list of contracts, you're naturally going to need customized software for keeping up with your customer information.

 Couple this with an expert outreaching team and you will have taken a huge step towards landing large-scale office cleaning leads. 

Partnering With a Janitorial Appointment Setting:

Appointment setters work around the clock and help you connect with owners actively hiring janitors.

When you are already servicing 3 to 5 different clientele a week, then chances are that you are less likely to have additional time pursuing newer office cleaning contracts.

Sometimes, whenever demand goes up, as a result, you're facing difficulty answering those calls making you lose those potential customers that's when a janitorial appointment setting team will come to your use.

A dedicated team with the sole intention to outreach and manage your busy schedule so you have more time to clean offices.

Now, before you go about hiring a team that you might think capable of responding to your prospects, make sure they are -

  • Multi-lingual
  • Tech savvy
  • Efficient team
  • Capable of qualifying every prospect
  • Skilled in managing customers

Although might sound expensive yet you will be surprised eventually at how remarkably organized your cleaning business will become.

And once you have a complete team working around the clock, landing bigger office cleaning contracts will be easier too.


Do not let your mindset trap or self-limiting beliefs convince you that it is not possible. You will never know how feasible it is until you try. Grow your network from everywhere. Get dressed in confidence and always advertise your brand anywhere and everywhere.

For receiving leads on big offices hiring janitors, you can sign up on your form available online for weekly updates on janitorial services and tips.

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