Land Big Commercial Cleaning Contracts By Cold Calling

Jason Hunt
May 4, 2019
I learned and developed my listening skills by listening closely to what my prospects are frequently complaining about, even if it’s related to the quality of service. We may dislike negative criticism about ourselves but the best way to evaluate is by heeding to others’ opinions (at least if they all have something common to talk about). You don’t have to absorb everything they say, but pick all, sieve them and build on where you are lacking. I used to speak all the time or conclude statements for people without listening to them fully. It was a wrong approach, and I have worked on it.

Eventually, I started closing more janitorial jobs by outreaching to prospects more personally; moreover, word-of-mouth of our existing clients helped to land big commercial cleaning contracts with more success.

Great conversations often start with a genuine concern

The key to establishing successful business transactions is through quality and transparent communication.

 You can only give solutions to the problems you understand; however, the best way to learn about challenges in an entirely new environment is by asking the right questions

Any business-related communication is performed over the phone, at least during the initial phase.

The saying “first impression lasts longer” has come to play here. You give your first impression by the kind of conversation you initiate with a prospect/client.

Proper conversation that expresses genuine concern for your prospect could get you big commercial cleaning contracts more easily –

Your first set tone will sell or mar you; either way will determine if the discussion will proceed or not.

 Regardless the quality of your work, it all starts from understanding the clients’ needs first. Vague discussions can’t sell and are likely to leave prospects confused… 



Giving long stories could bore your listener or make them think you are not serious about what you have to offer.

So when speaking with office managers on the phone, ensure you are always addressing to their unique problems after hearing them out.

Ask relevant questions; make witty jokes at times, and work based on the appointed time.


The best way to know your clients and their needs is by asking them questions.

By then, you get to understand the kind of service to render to them.

Be sensitive and intelligent when asking questions because some clients are smart and they know when they are probed.

As a janitorial service provider, you ask questions based on their past cleaning experience, their good, bad and ugly experience.

As a professional outreach specialist, you probe your clients intelligently and wisely.


When you speak with your clients or prospective clients, ensure you listen to them attentively.

Do not rush to talk, be calm to pay attention, and gather all the necessary information.

The information will assist you and your janitorial team in knowing what your client is actually seeking.

You do not know the clients you will be meeting from anywhere.

Searching for your clients before meeting them is necessary.

Trying to know your clients before meeting them does not mean you have to stalk them all day.

You can go on their online pages to see how they look.

You can search for them on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Introduce your services and ensure your client is interested in what you are offering.

Don’t force your clients into listening to you or buying your service.

Janitorial service is itself heavily demanded; hence, it doesn’t need desperation or much persuasion to get your clients into it.

If you notice your client’s interest, then shoot on your marketing pitch.


The saying “you don’t have a second time to make a first impression” is real. At your first appointment with your client, endeavor to show care or a helping hand.

There are ways to show your client you are not money conscious, but deep inside you know what are trying to get.

Build a lasting relationship on the day of the first appointment; you might not get a second chance.

Render a free cleaning service or a discounted price offer. It shows you are not money conscious but service driven.

This way, the client is impressed and wants to make them pay you more or get you referred to other clients.

    Remember you want to make sales from prospective clients.

So remain humble, don’t brag about accomplishments.

Don’t tell about yourself except it has to do with a cleaning service experience.

Wealthy entrepreneurs don’t pitch their achievements; their accomplishments speak for them.

From the conversation you have with your clients, they will know how awesome you are.

The receiver needs to feel more relaxed to have complete faith in your offered services. That’s why a genuine concern must be felt as you speak with any prospect over the phone.

Time is a significant factor in business.

When you set a time with your client, be there at the right time, and please, don’t keep them waiting; it is not professional.

Once you’re standing on their doorstep, greet them first with a smile before entering their house/office.

Have a quality conversation with your Janitorial Leads.

Don’t beat around the bush, be straightforward and keep every conversation short and concise; you don’t own your clients’ time.

Having a quality or reasonable conversation with prospective clients can lead to big commercial cleaning projects.


A meaningful conversation also requires respecting your clients. Respect your clients by asking if it is the right time to speak with them or not. Some clients might annoyingly kick you off the phone while some might not drop the call but are not listening to you. To save your time and energy and to also have their full attention, request a time to call back if the time you called was not convenient for them to speak.

Having a conversation with your client will not mar your business but will secure big commercial cleaning contracts for you. Be intelligent and straightforward. People want to do business with smart entrepreneurs.

To show your clients that you are not just a Janitorial service provider but an intelligent and professional one to increase your commercial cleaning contracts, then build meaningful conversations with clients.

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