Websites Offering Open Bids For Cleaning Contracts: Genuine Sources Only

Jason Hunt
October 28, 2021
Finding open bids for cleaning contracts is an important element for establishing a successful cleaning business. You can’t run a business without clients; therefore, it’s always wonderful when they decide to inquire about your services/products via recommendations or word-of-mouth unless you have a vast, important network just like us, as we continue to connect janitors with office managers all year round!

On the contrary, you wouldn’t waste hours sifting through websites or listings without promising any return on investment.

We have discussed popular sources of commercial cleaning bids for landing commercial cleaning contracts for big offices.

1. BidNet

There is a range of maintenance and repair bids made by public bodies, ranging from facilities maintenance contracts (including janitorial and custodial services) to specialized services such as building infrastructure repair and high-value industrial equipment installation.

BidNet and Bid Alert® Bulletins are daily email summaries of open bids in your sector that make it easy to review and quickly bid on the RFPs that meet your business needs.

They collect government contract opportunities from multiple verified sources, including their exclusive network of government agencies, and deliver them to you every day.

Email Summary

The searchable database claims to help you obtain more federal contracts.

Even if you aren’t looking for federal open bids for cleaning contracts right now, they may link you with specialized possibilities, such as Janitorial Leads Pro.

You may opt-in to receive daily notifications of new contracts in their system, and they also provide other bid materials such as insights, success stories, and state-specific information.

2. CleanBid

CleanBid is a janitorial bidding program of Cleaning Guru company that has generated over 125,000 cleaning proposals for today’s finest cleaning companies.

There’s a lot you can do with this program from determining cleaning schedules and offering specific prices for every professional cleaning proposal that you can email or print and distribute in your local network.

Because it is cloud-based, you’ll be able to acquire anything you need on a laptop or any other smart device – particularly iPhone or Android.

3. Biddingo is an online marketplace that links providers of different goods and services with buyers from the provincial, municipal, education, crown corporation, housing, construction, healthcare sectors, and private businesses across Canada.

Canada’s government spends $100 billion on various items and services each year. With over 1000 of these bids placed on, you may grab a piece of the action as well.

Suppliers that want to work with government and commercial organizations using personalized company profiles stating their requirements.

Biddingo, in turn, does a daily search and sends email alerts listing effective bidding techniques listing the criteria of every company.

4. FindRFP looks for RFPs, bids, and contracts from the federal, state, and municipal governments that may not be advertised elsewhere.

FindRFP - Janitorial Cleaning Custodial Contacts
Courtesy: FindRFP

You may filter your results by state or city, industry category (which drills down even further into the “janitorial” area), or keywords related to the task you’re trying to bid on.

This janitorial bidding website stands among those that will inform you whose bids have been searched the most and which states are the most active in bidding and contracting, providing you with a better understanding of your competitors.

5. Janitorial Bid Network

The Janitorial Bid Network is a fantastic janitorial jobs platform offering vacancies worldwide, especially in the United States and Canada, as well as news and classified advertising regarding the cleaning business.

Here you will discover the most recent job postings and the most recent relevant industry information that may be useful that are all sorted by date.

It’s also an excellent location to seek labor by posting classified advertisements or browsing through them. To bid on jobs, you must first register, but it is well worth the time and effort.

6. BidPrime

You don’t need to look further than for an easy-to-use interface that allows you to search for job bids emerging across the United States and beyond.

You’ll discover leads from all across the country here, along with the bid’s expiration date, so you’ll know how much time you have to act.

Remember that the results here cannot be filtered and are presented based on relevancy to your search category.

If you want to be any more specific, they also offer more in-depth premium services.


7. Government Bids is another excellent janitorial bidding website that we recommend.

Government Contracts USA owns and operates the site, which provides various services that include government contracts, RFPs, bids, and procurement systems. You may browse bids or search by category, area, or service to filter down the results. published over 10,500 proposals for the janitorial service market last year making it a potentially substantial source of job bids and, ideally, confirmed cleaning bidding contracts for your company.

This one will also need logging in to participate, but you can sign up for a free daily email alert to be notified when new bids become available. This website is a fantastic place to look for some of the coveted government contacts for bidding.

8. BidSearch, similar to Janitorial Manager, can bring government bids and RFPs directly to your email with only a few clicks, guaranteeing that you never miss a lead in your area.

BidSearch - Online Bidding on Government Contracts

You will undoubtedly discover jobs that fit your criteria due to a regularly updated database of over 200,000 contracts.

Although this service is costly, they provide a fourteen-day free trial for you to determine if it’s worth the money. is an excellent resource for anyone willing to make their bid searches and job management easy.

Of course, there are various methods for locating and winning bids; however, setting up notifications and reading a few emails each day doesn’t take long, and the benefits will be substantial.

9. Government contracts isn’t technically any commercial cleaning bidding website, but that’s not always negative.

When other sites are too specialized or niche, generic sites might sometimes pick up bids that other sites have overlooked.

You’ll need to mention that you’re seeking janitorial contracts because this search engine looks for government contracts in any industry.

They’ll let you know when a position was listed when it’ll close, and where you can find it. They also provide premium services to help you expand your horizons.

10. Janitorial Leads Pro

Last but not least on our selection is Janitorial Leads Pro. This business efficiently provides commercial cleaning leads for janitors. Janitorial Leads Pro does more than simply provide vetted leads; our appointment-setting program has been designed to streamline the work process for janitors while challenging the conversion of every prospect into repeat clients.

You can bid on projects by leveraging our appointment setting as our representatives take the challenge to establish strong projects for your janitorial business.

It’s our duty to deliver high-quality commercial cleaning leads with accurate information. Now it’s your responsibility to win these projects by selling your services to managers waiting for your estimate.


To discover open bids for cleaning contracts right now, knowing where to look is helpful. You may decide to grow your company, or you may simply wish to explore what’s available. You never know when that lucrative long-term deal may present itself.

These websites can quickly help you find and bid if you are searching for a quick fix rather than investigating all the sites by yourself.

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