Outgrow Your Competition With The Best Janitorial Leads

Jason Hunt
July 9, 2019
It’s easier to attract janitorial cleaning contracts, but quite challenging when it comes to closing them successfully. These cleaning contracts are big and there’s’ big money involved too. If you’d like to see your cleaning business thrive then start aiming for qualified janitorial leads only.

These contracts come with added responsibility that is worth the money.

How To Get The Best Janitorial Leads?

The large commercial cleaning contracts are primarily responsible for generating profits in a short time.

With growth, you are likely to experience greater stress levels; therefore, part of getting set to win these big contracts is setting up the perfect system to cope up with anything that the growth brings your way.

  • This could be in terms of more chaos at the office, the need for more staff, or even your general unpreparedness.
  • If the system is in place and functioning, growth will be imminent will be much more comfortable.
  • This in itself is your first step to getting the best leads that help you outgrow your competition.
Heavy competition requires great investments in proper resources.

Right employees are only capable of maintaining any system functioning smoothly.

For you to strategically position your business by attracting the best janitorial leads, you have to set the pace for employee growth that maintains some internal order.

  1. Learn Your Competition

If you are looking to outweigh your competitors with the kind of leads you have right now, you must learn about their sales pitch first.

What exactly are your competitors selling or offering in the market?

If you give a lousy pitch, the likelihood of you landing that project is likely to be zero.

The impression you're going to leave must

You can only achieve this by first knowing what your competitors are offering and to what extent your offers will measure up in relation to theirs?

  1. Weigh The State Of Your Website

Fix technical problems (if any) throughout your website.

Your website is your home and the key to building an everlasting first impression on your prospects.

Even if they get to see you before going over to your website, they are still more likely to measure you based on the content displayed on your site; however, this may not be a big deal when you are initiating.

 As you go after the more significant janitorial leads, your website gradually becomes valuable and will need to be optimized. 

Update your website to the latest trends or change it entirely to give the site a brand new look.

  1. Find Your Difference

Your biggest selling point is what value you offer that your competitors do not.

Generally, cleaning services often do not even deliver value to prospects as they are not entirely sure of what they are supposed to deliver.

This is why it is important that you know how different you are from your competition and to be able to show your prospects with ease.

Stand out in the competition by adopting processes that are effective; thus, adding more value

Try to infuse something into your business that makes you stand out from the competition, and in turn, draws more janitorial leads into the sales funnel.

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  1. Get Your Quotes Ready

Well, the moment you realize that you are ready for the big contracts, start preparing accordingly.

The very first thing you must do in preparation is to get your quotes ready, as the big contracts are the ones that ask you for proposals and want a real quotation rather than estimates.

It only makes sense that you prepare for them by getting your quotes ready.

When your prospects ask, you will easily reach for your pricing and not be on the verge of creating last-minute replacements.

  • Part of getting your quotes ready is figuring out how you will calculate expenses attached to large spaces.
  1. Design Your Proposal Templates

Even after your pitch, you have a second opportunity to impress the client with your proposal.

The best strategy is to get this proposal ready sooner than later. Just make sure that it is professionally designed without any error(s).

With each large contract that you are pitching your proposal for, streamline your proposal to fit the needs of the client.

Give us a call if you need any help creating a template.

  1. Check With Your Cleaning Staff

Ensure availability of cleaners before bidding on any contract.

You cannot do your best job if you do not have the staff to do that in the first place.

Check if you have enough cleaning staff ready to meet your big contracts.

As soon as you get the big office cleaning contracts, you should have as many cleaning staff as you cover bigger offices at the same time.

  1. Check Your Cash Flow

Do you have the cash flow that you would need to cover your large janitorial leads?

Part of getting set for the leads is evaluating your cash flow.

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Also, determine how you will pay all the cleaning staff you need to cover the contracts.

  1. Prepare a Management Plan for Your Team

Organizing your management is crucial for sustainability.

Sometimes, what pulls us back faster is our business’ internal structure.

So, in preparation for growth, readjust your management team.

Organize your business affairs in such a way that there is enough space to accommodate subsequent outcomes; after all, the change is for the better.

  • Getting bigger contracts to involve having to interact with more cleaning staff and getting to organize larger offices too.

Create a plan that will make these changes less overwhelming.

When you have all these in place, it is time for you to go out there and market your business to the right people.


Social media, email marketing, cold calling, and other marketing methods can help you get verified janitorial jobs in your area; however, you must be ready to offer these new clients the best value that they can get anywhere else.

When you can help solve their problems and meet their demands, they will not only return with more work but also refer to others.

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