Hygiene and cleanliness are prerequisites for all facilities, but being up to the standards is a real challenge for janitorial business owners. To properly certify your business’s ability to meet all regulatory standards, you must acquire Commercial Cleaning Certificates. These certificates demonstrate the standard of work provided by the cleaning company, ensuring each contract has been professionally provided premium cleaning services such as disinfection and sanitizing, which is paramount for facilities such as -

Lodgings, medical facilities, and restaurants where hygiene is of critical concern.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Cleaning Company

As a Certified Cleaning Company, you can enjoy numerous benefits.

BenefitsHow it works
Increased credibility and customer trust.Certifying your business as a commercial cleaning service proves that you meet industry standards and guidelines.
This can give potential customers peace of mind that your services are reliable and trustworthy.
Obtaining necessary certificationsGetting Commercial Cleaning Certifications can open your door to acquiring more superior certifications.
It can also provide vendors with discounts through professional associations' certification programs.
Understanding local regulationsCommercial Cleaning Certifications keeps you aware of any legal requirements or regulations for businesses offering cleaning services in your area.
It may include obtaining additional business licenses and permits required for a cleaning business.
Accessing industry associationsIt gives you access to associations that offer resources to the certified members, such as networking opportunities or access to vendors providing premium supplies for your cleaning business.
Additionally, some associations have certification programs that can enhance your reputation as a cleaning business.
Developing a quality assurance programBecoming a certified cleaning company delivers you the facility to arrange an assurance program is essential to achieving certification for any business.
Sloppy work or results could result in fines or loss of certification status if standards are not met and maintained over time.
So it's essential to develop comprehensive policies around employee training, customer satisfaction metrics, equipment maintenance procedures, health & safety protocols, etc., allowing your company to demonstrate its commitment to consistent excellence.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Certifications

Businesses can obtain various commercial cleaning certifications, depending on their industry.

Some of these include:

Types of Cleaning CertificationsNarration
Rental Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification is for those in the rental property industry.
It covers health and safety protocols, property conditions, tenant rights, and customer service expectations.
Restaurant Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification is designed for professionals working in the restaurant industry.
It focuses on sanitation issues in food preparation spaces, dealing with pests, kitchen safety guidelines, and hazardous waste disposal.
Hospitality Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification prepares individuals to clean hotels and other hospitality establishments correctly.
It covers topics such as hotel guest relations and satisfaction standards, property inspection protocols, infection control policies, and more.
Certified Custodial Technician CertificatesThis program provides training covering various topics, including

How to Earn Commercial Cleaning Certifications?

Here are some steps you can take to earn your certifications:

1. Choose the right certificate

Decide which one will best help your career or organization. Consider if you need a general or specialized certification, depending on your industry.

For example, earning a Commercial Cleaning Specialist certificate may be beneficial if you clean commercial properties.

2. Research requirements

Once you have selected the certificate, research any requirements that must be met before completing the program.

These may include needing to take another required certification beforehand.

3. Apply for the certification

On the issuing organization’s website, apply for the program, and pay any necessary fees like exam or application fees.

4. Become a member

Joining an organization that is responsible for administering your training journey can bring several advantages, such as discounts on tuition fees, free access to training manuals, and even the scope of attaining higher-level certifications.

5. Complete training

Training timing and the material will vary based on the training management. Still, they can often consist of multiple modules spread out over several weeks and discussing various topics related to the industry.

Be sure to review all material to feel prepared for your exam.

6. Take your exam

Sign up for an available time slot to take your exam - whether online or in person at a testing center anticipated by the organization - and study accordingly to succeed on your test day!

If you want to discover the training programs and certifications important for the cleaning industry's success, continue reading for details!

Where To Apply For A Commercial Cleaning Business Certificate?

Once all the requirements are met, commercial cleaning businesses can apply for their respective certifications from either government organizations or private entities, depending on their country/region's specific regulations.

ISSA is one of the largest and leading industry associations, providing companies and individuals with certifications across all levels.

Getting certified by the ISSA is an excellent way to showcase your professional qualifications and expertise in sanitation and quality assurance.

An ISSA certification can also open up new opportunities for career growth, as employers will be able to see that you are qualified and experienced in these key areas.

Final Thoughts

Having standardized cleaning procedures is a prerequisite for janitorial businesses, and Commercial Cleaning Certificates can help you prove that your work meets regulatory standards.

This is especially important for hospitality, medical, and food service businesses, where cleanliness is essential to protecting customers and staff from the potential spread of infectious diseases and other health risks.

Make sure your business is compliant and ensure the safety of your employees and customers by investing in commercial cleaning certificates today.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are always better than regular ones as they are more effective. When it comes to choosing, buying, and finally using a commercial vacuum cleaner, people get confused due to the endless options in the market, which is when a guidebook comes in handy.

In this article, we will explain the types of commercial vacuum cleaners, a buying guide, and product reviews of the best commercial vacuum cleaner.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners come with powerful motors and dust collection packs that collect dust and dirt not only from the surface but also from the deepest part. A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner can clean heavy dust and dirt from the floor, carpet, and furniture. People mostly use it to clean office floors and furniture as it works more effectively, and helps save time.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Type of Vacuum Cleaners

There are various types of vacuum cleaners, and each type is used for a different purpose. Purchase Vacuum Cleaners based on your requirements to attain the best results.


Guideline for Buying the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Most people don’t buy Commercial Vacuum Cleaners as they don't have proper guidelines for selecting one. A guideline for buying commercial vacuum cleaners can clear all your confusion. While you are purchasing, you must check all the facts that are mentioned in the guideline.

Make sure to follow these Guidelines

Top 7 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark VM252 is one of the best commercial vacuum cleaners.

It is cordless, and the form factor is upright.

The recommended surface is sealed hard floors. You can charge it and use it easily. It is very effective as the suction power is high.

Remove the dirty pad after cleaning by simply touching a button. It means you don’t have to use your hand to change the dirty pad and also don't have to touch the dirt.

Anyone can use it and handle it easily. It absorbs all the dirt and dust from the surface and also from the deeper side of the cleaning object.

Sanitaire - SC679K SC679 Tradition Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The brand of this vacuum cleaner is Sanitaire, and it has ranked 2 in the list of best commercial vacuum cleaners. It provides more than 500 hours of commercial-grade cleaning performance that is provided by motor life.

It also comes with a polycarbonate hood that is safe for harsh settings and adds to the durability of the construction. A large-capacity shake-out bag is attached to this vacuum cleaner which can store up to 18 quarts of dirt and debris.

Sanitaire-SC679K SC679 Tradition Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It allows you to clean with less interruption. The plus point of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very lightweight and easy to handle. The maintenance is also very simple.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8-Pound Vacuum Cleaner

Ranking 3rd on Amazon, Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Vacuum Cleaner is yet another awesome vacuum cleaner for commercial use.

This is an upright vacuum cleaner with a 12-inch cleaning path ideal for cleaning Low Pile Carpets that takes up less storage space than Traditional Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner's automatic floor adjustment allows you to move it between carpets and hard surfaces without having to modify its manual settings.

At 6,500 RPM, a powerful, balanced brush roll with double helix brushes whirls and moves debris toward the vacuum channel for cleaning.

It is both lightweight and simple to handle.

Shark Rocket Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Rocket Pro Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a premium vacuum cleaner that you can choose for yourself. This item has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-verified vendors.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501) is a great Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, most suitable for carpets, Hard Floors & Upholstery. The product is available on Amazon and has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-verified vendors.

Here are a few functionalities of the Shark Rotator Vacuum (NV501)

ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the finest commercial vacuum cleaners is Oreck XL commercial upright vacuum cleaner. Its form factor is upright and it comes with a microsleep which allows you to go from carpet to bare floors without having to make any adjustments.

It also helps maintain high suction and direct suction which efficiently transfers dirt. For deep cleaning, a high-speed roller brush rotates at 5,000 to 6,500 RPMs in this vacuum cleaner.

ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet, wood, laminate, and tile surfaces are all safely cleaned, thanks go to the multi-surface design.

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a pet lover and want a commercial vacuum cleaner that can remove your pet’s hair and other dust. Then this vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you.

These multi-purpose pet tools get rid of pet hair, and debris stuck to furniture, stairwells, and other hard-to-reach places. With an odor-reducing filter, it captures and holds 99 percent of dust and allergens, preventing them from re-entering the air.

Anyone can use the on-off brush roll to go around furniture and into small spots on carpet and hard surfaces.

It leaves no mess behind, and it comes with an easy-to-empty dirt cup which means fewer trips to the trash can, making cleaning more convenient. This is also very simple to maintain.

How to Choose The Best One?

As there are too many options in the market, it is pretty normal to get confused while purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner as a customer; particularly when it comes to selecting the best one. If you want to buy one, you can go through the products that have been reviewed here. To get the best one, follow the guidelines as well. Check all of the functions and figures of these vacuum cleaners and buy the one that meets all your needs. Don’t choose a heavy vacuum cleaner as it will be difficult for you to handle.

Here are our best office cleaning chemical supplies for delivering impeccable and safe cleaning.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


If you want to buy the best commercial vacuum cleaner for commercial purposes then this article is here to guide you by providing a guideline and some product reviews of the best vacuum cleaners. You can follow the guideline easily and purchase these best products.

Providing top-notch cleaning service is the main requirement of any janitorial business owner. Everything confines their expertise, from modern disinfection methods to the latest cleaning equipment. According to IBIS World research, the average growth rate of the janitorial industry is around 4.2%.

Cleaning companies should implement janitorial marketing strategies to capture janitorial leads and sustain a non-competitive business.

Thereby seeking more clients to reach your business and converting the clients to revenue, a janitorial business owner should go through some marketing strategies to make their business stable in the long run.

9 Janitorial Marketing Strategies To Expand Your Business


To take your janitorial business to the next level, we recommend 10 marketing techniques for helping you reach your ultimate goal.
Let’s take a quick look at the strategies below.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Just like a business plan gives a business ways to operate, marketing plans set a business’s roadmap and show the path to reach it.

A marketing plan includes the company’s essential purposes, marketing budget, the target market for new clients, preferred marketing media, and ways to calculate marketing outcomes.

Many popular janitorial businesses utilize janitorial marketing management software, such as Aspire. It helps business operations and boosts client satisfaction.

Building a Janitorial Website Offering Estimates

Website in a computer monitor

A business website does much more than portray your company and contact details. Janitorial marketing needs to have a website that concentrates on your professional services while helping your visitors with estimates.

A good website will rank at the top of a Google search and help potential customers reach out to you.
Here are some methods to get your site up and operating.

Local Advertising

Local Advertising

To maximize the dollars, local advertising is a plus. According to WEBFX, 97% of search engine users attempt to find local businesses online. So it is to ensure that your janitorial company ranks at the top of local search.

Invest in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), which allows you to select a location radius of your janitorial ads to appear. LinkedIn, Yelp, or Facebook profiles work to promote your janitorial company.

Update your Google Business Profile with accurate contact information and consider investing in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

Investing In Digital Marketing

Investing In Digital Marketing

You may not be a digital marketing expert, but companies can boost their janitorial marketing process by adopting digital marketing strategies. It will ensure that your business appears in your target customers' search results.

A website should be designed to provide relevant information to the users. It should also help you deliver valuable content and generate leads, making the users keen to interact with your company.

Optimizing Email Marketing

Man holding a light bulb beside Email Marketing

Create targeted email campaigns that deliver accurate customer messages using existing customer information.

When you send an email to your customer, it empowers your business with effortless communication. They can endorse your bid right within the Aspire Janitorial customer portal as a digital signature.

You’re allowing them to reduce hassle and increase efficiency. Aspire makes janitorial marketing easy.

Creating Relatable Content For Your Audience

People with different faces

You will come across a lot of irrelevant content. Proper plagiarism-free, informative, and well-structured content is required in this case.

Many of your customers are looking for information on choosing a cleaning business and getting the inspection required to perform work in their homes.

By creating content such as blogs, articles, social platform posts, email newsletters, videos, and images/infographics that address these needs, you can nurture leads and establish trust with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Tree of social media platforms

Social media platforms are the best place to build brand/customer loyalty, and social media marketing helps janitorial marketing to build strong relationships with clients. Nowadays, social media marketing helps build valuable engagement with potential customers.

According to research, customers are becoming increasingly more active on social media, primarily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They interact with brands and businesses through their feeds.

Social media help create a vast network of potential customers who can be easily reached via social media platforms or websites/apps. It is one of the best janitorial marketing ideas to boost your cleaning business.

Initiating Thorough SEO

Remember that most searches of customers targeting a specific brand or product stay on the first page of the search engine. Now you know the importance of SEO for your janitorial marketing.

SEO is a great way to increase your brand awareness and reputation. SEO can help you establish your brand as a reasonable expert in a specific niche so that other people rely on your advice.

Be conscious that it’s significant and essential to have an overall plan. It will aid in growing traffic and enhancing brand equity, drawing new clients' attention through search engines, social media contacts, and word-of-mouth suggestions.

Managing Online Reviews

phone showing reviews

Utilizing client reviews is an effective strategy for janitorial marketing. Client reviews help janitorial businesses to get attention.

Many business owners believe client reviews are not crucial to their success, and reviews can help you get more clients and increase your janitorial sales. That’s because reviews can make your janitorial business more proficient in the eyes of the public.

It also allows for influencing internet search engine results. Google keeps an eye on how often your business name is mentioned in reviews, so if you have many mentions over a short period, you may rank higher in search results for that name.

Consider adding a review area to your website where clients can tell others about their experience at your business.

End Note

To make your cleaning business more prosperous, consider marketing strategies along with a focus on service quality. Janitorial marketing is challenging and requires an in-depth market study regarding the targeted audience, their attractions, and other details.

Finding a janitorial solutions company and exploring their area of expertise, such as Janitorial Leads Pro, will assist you in exploring these suggestions to get better upshots.

Do you know when janitorial businesses fail to get cleaning contracts with schools? When they lack a proper business plan, marketing plan, and lack of trained employees. Approach wisely for school contracts, as this type of contract is difficult to find. An intelligent choice would be to follow these techniques for finding commercial cleaning leads

This blog will discuss nine ways you can follow to get schools’ cleaning contracts.

How to Get Cleaning Contracts with Schools?

A recent study says that due to having a proper plan, approach, and poor quality services, the average cleaning business loses up to 55% of its clients and contracts annually. Now you know.

So, how to win school cleaning or any janitorial contracts consistently?

It’s not that hard at all. Just follow these steps.

9 Ways to Find School Cleaning Contracts -

Making connections in the community

1. Networking in Your Community

Make yourself and your business well-known in the area and among the school in the neighborhood. Start promoting your company and provide services through local advertisement. Networking is essential for every business.

Attend and organize Janitorial campaigns and fairs, reaching out to people and building a network in your community. Use this network to win school cleaning contracts.

The next way is to create an industry website and page on social platforms.

2. Create an Industry Website With Social Media Accounts

Do you know online presence can bring success to your business?

Let’s make it clear. People use the internet today for either purchasing any product or service or for looking information.

For example, you have a website and pages on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for your business. When interested people search for the best school janitorial services, your company’s name, website, and page will pop up, and they will know about you.

Put some exciting offers and unique services on your website. It will attract potential customers, and they will contact you.

Both websites, as well as social media pages, will generate leads for the business; therefore, opening you to a vast number of commercial cleaning contracts.

Following this step, recruit employees upon conducting a thorough background check.

Employee background check

3. Perform Background Check on Employees

A business organization cannot run without employees. You must recruit employees and be careful, as safety and security lie with this. While recruiting employees, you must remember that the employee doesn’t bring any threat to your business.

Do you know safety is a crucial concern for school workers? A large portion of students is children in schools.

To keep them safe, many facts depend on employees' background checking. Based on this, schools will choose to work with your cleaning company.

Make sure to conduct extensive background checks on potential employees. Do not pick somebody with a criminal or a drug history that would raise questions about your business.

Most people don't want people with criminal histories working for them, and parents don't want them around their kids.

 For example, you hire a man as a cleaner. But, he has been a thief in his past life and has been to jail. You haven’t checked his background. 

But when he starts to clean schools under your payroll and starts stealing things, the school authority might sue your janitorial business and rescind the cleaning contract. So be careful.

Hiring staff to conduct these background checks might be more expensive, but it will save you money when you can negotiate better contracts with schools. After your cleaning team is prepared, start with small schools.

4. Start with Small Schools in Your Neighborhood

A famous proverb by Saul Bellow is,

“Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.”

You can’t get all the profitable contracts in one day. Good things take time, so start your janitorial business small, taking in one or two schools.

Huge schools with multiple premises may seem like big projects; however, you can not get their contract right after starting the business.

For example, start your business by providing the best service to local small schools, which will be your first step. Your best service will help gaining fame. After gaining popularity as a school cleaning company, now it's time to approach private and big schools.

Once you're recognized as the best cleaning service in your area, you can get multiple school cleaning contracts.

Cleaners cleaning a room

5.  Reduce Employee Turnover

Your organization's goal should be to reduce employee turnover. You'll need to demonstrate consistency among your team if you want contracts with schools.

This presents them with another security concern because it raises doubt when they notice new employees cleaning their school weekly.

Depending on your lower turnover, your company seems more stable.

Additionally, a low staff retention rate indicates they are well-trained. It also shows that they can clean the school more successfully and efficiently.

For example, you can offer your employees a good salary and other benefits. They will become more committed to their work; therefore, they will complete projects on time. By doing this, you can keep employee turnover low.

Besides, reducing employee turnover enables you to maintain fewer expenses, which might result in cost savings for your clients.

A lower turnover rate can help as schools will look for consistency in the quality of the work whenever solidifying any commercial cleaning contract, particularly with schools.

6. Offer Green Cleaning

Chemicals are needed for cleaning, but they are harmful. When it comes to schools, children are a huge portion of students. These cleaning chemicals can affect their body negatively. 

What to do, then?

Offer and use green cleaning instead of cleaning with chemicals. Environment-friendly products for cleaning make your company unique and keep children safe. 

Most schools prefer green cleaning. They will like your cleaning process if you use green cleaning methods. 

Let’s take an example for better understanding.

A school has a contract with another janitorial business that uses excessive chemicals for cleaning. Due to that, children start to have respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

What does the school authority do, then?

They will look for a company that uses green cleaning like baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, etc. If your company offers green cleaning, they will choose your business as their cleaners.

So, by offering green cleaning, you can get school cleaning contracts. Then move to the next step, getting the necessary cleaning equipment.

7. Be Specific and Honest in Your Proposal

Honesty is the best policy. Success is on your way if you are honest in your cleaning business.

How to do that?

Mention all your conditions and charges in your proposal. Do not hide anything or include hidden charges.

Whatever your expectations from your clients, mention them in the proposal. Specifically means bringing up all information regarding your company and prospects in the proposal.

For example, your client will be curious about your company and offers.

Mention your employee's name, work time, compensation, equipment that your employees will use, cleaning chemicals, and overall charges.

Customer Reviews

8.  Get Customer Reviews and Video Testimonials

Videos and client testimonials are beneficial in convincing people to believe in your company.

When dealing with schools, they need to know that your company has high respectability and reliability. Writing about this and posting on your website can only get you so far.

Even if the ratings aren't from schools, you might still be able to secure cleaning contracts with them in the future.

You can use these reviews and videos to your advantage.

Collect clients’ testimonials in the form of videos to get the cleaning contracts and promote your business.

9. SEO and Run Paid Ads 

Keep your website well-optimized for search engines. Try on-page and off-page SEO by focusing on relevant keywords so that your website comes first when an interested person searches online about cleaning businesses.

For your cleaning company's website, use meta tags, header tags, page titles, robot.txt files, and sitemap generation so that it can attract its target audience.

For example, someone is searching on Google with the keyword ‘best school cleaning company in California,’ and you have used this keyword on your website, which is search engine optimized.

When your website ranks on the first search results page, the user will automatically choose your site over any other ads. Organic search results will always choose you over ads.

Run paid ads on social platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more to reach people.

People will learn about your cleaning business. Try to keep the ads attractive and fix the target audience of your ads wisely.

For example, a school’s principal uses Facebook and needs Janitors to clean schools. Suddenly they come across your ad on Facebook.

They will be interested in your business and will contact you soon.

Paid ads and SEO let your brand show up across all the necessary places, bringing in the customers you desire.

According to experts, if one uses these strategies, their chances of success increase to 97%.

So, use these ways immediately to get a school cleaning contract.

Things to Consider for Getting Cleaning Contracts with Schools

  • Focus on the quality, not quantity 
  • Never compromise with quality service 
  • Keep the pricing lower than the competitors
  • Mention all the unique facilities in the contract 
  • Do not make fake promises
  • Show dedication toward work 

Final Note

Now you know how to get cleaning contracts with schools. Apply these tactics and stick to them for long-run results. Remember, some ways we’ve discussed above can take a long time to produce results. Stay consistent, and keep at it.

Once a janitorial service has already visited and inspected a premise, they are then required to hand over a Janitorial Services Proposal in less than 2 working days. This article explains how to prepare a proposal that will cover all the grounds while serving as a guidance for writing a professional paper. Following this guide will help you write a winning janitorial proposal.

Guideline for Janitorial Proposal Service

Commercial Cleaning Proposal Guideline
Things to include in a commercial cleaning proposal -

1. Cover page & contact info

Start off with a cover page when preparing a proposal where you provide a title and all your contact information, so that the clients know about you and the purpose of your proposal. This is the first page.

2. Cover letter & introduction

Add a cover letter and an introduction about your business on the second page. This should be precise and interesting for hooking your audience's attention.

3. Price page

Include a page with the prices listed down elaborating on the cost of janitorial services - either monthly or annually. List the day hours and the nightly days/hours, whichever time shift you're comfortable working.

4. Service & frequency

Next, make a list of all of the significant office areas that need to be cleaned and the frequency with which the jobs will be handled. Private offices, common areas, a lobby, restrooms, and break rooms are essential.

5. Safety

Safety is a major concern for all industries. Make sure to include janitorial safety guidelines and mention any other janitorial safety programs you're offering.

Additionally, include any health safety certification that your technicians or cleaners may possess.

6. Employee rules & regulations

As a professional commercial cleaning service, you are expected to clearly outline your policies with all the employee rules stated,

This allows greater transparency and protects both your employees and your clients from possible conflicts.

7. Hiring & training

Discuss your company's hiring & training process.

Elaborate on how you hire your employees, how you train them, and your monitoring & evaluation process.

8. Work guidelines

Developing a system for cleaning individual desks and disinfecting a spot is an important element of janitorial cleaning.

Make leaflets or rack cards to display on employee workstations and remind them to remove personal belongings before cleaning, sterilizing, and sanitizing their workspace.

9. Inspection

A weekly commercial cleaning inspection should be there. To keep everything under maintenance, regular inspection is necessary.

In the ninth part of the proposal, you have to mention the process of inspection or schedule for monitoring.

10. Training checklist

Next up, discuss your cleaning checklist. You can add there how you train employees, jobs you assign them, and the duration of operations freely.

11. Equipment capability

Try to include any unique cleaning equipment that will be used for undertaking specific tasks, including large investments or challenges to overcome.

What cleaning products you will use, mainly if the client requires green cleaning detergents or if you specialize in them.

This is an excellent opportunity to inform them about all of your company’s special capabilities.

12. References & testimonials

Mention client testimonials from a current commercial cleaning account; case studies or client testimonials as they can help you boost your credibility.

Any connection you can make with someone in a similar industry, geographic area, or organization can significantly impact your reputation. Strong references help attract more clients.

Here’s a free Template for Janitorial Service Proposal.

What to do with janitorial service proposal

What to Do

Explain why you do what you do -

Most companies acknowledge the importance of explaining what they do. Using this approach, the 'what' you do is simply evidence of your company's beliefs — why.

So the question is, what is your "why?"

The executive summary at the beginning of your proposal is the ideal spot to explain your 'why.' If you provide the proper explanation of what you do and why you do, your clients will believe in you.

They will come to you for your service. Don't forget to add this to your service proposal.

Clarify ways your services are different from the rest -

You have to make a clear statement about your services first. Explain to the clients about the uniqueness and specialty of your services.

You have to clarify how your company’s services are different from others in your proposal by using examples, such as The dedication of your employees; the best quality cleaning equipment or gear and chemicals you will be using.

This will capture the attraction of the employee.

Show dedication to existing clientele -

A business’s first aim is to serve its clients with proper quality of service.

As you have a business and you want to run it for a long time, you have to serve your customers consistently without compromising quality.

Prove your dedication to clients; however, remember that your company must clear confusions and solve their pain-points.

Your dedication to the growth of your business will bring you more clients through reference.

Keep following-up and collecting feedback -

In many cases, your potential client may receive proposals from other companies, so you always make sure they always receive intensive attention from your end.

Try to keep an option to follow-up. If they face any problem or issue then they can could discuss the matter with you.

You have to make sure that they get proper treatment, as they will return for a second purchase.

What not to include in a janitorial service proposal:

What Not to Do

Do not focus on the cleaning only -

Your business is indeed all about cleaning; however, you shouldn’t focus on the cleaning only. Focus on the other services, such as your time management - including any modern technology that you intend to use.

Furthermore, clearly elaborate on your cleaning methods, and ways you would like to expand operations.

Managing everything simultaneously, and you will do well in the market.

Phrase ‘as required’ shouldn’t be over used -

When you write "as required" in your proposal, you're indicating that you, the cleaning service, will serve a certain section of the facility as many times as it requires to be cleaned.

This implies you could spend a large amount of time and resources cleaning a single room that was previously not accounted for in your time and labor costs.

In the proposal, always include a number of service times every year. You should also mention how much additional cleaning services will cost if the prospect believes they will need more expensive services than the price you've quoted.

Don't Put Too Much Emphasis On Your Materials

This may seem absurd, but many companies don't know what they're using for cleaning. You have to prove your services are better in the marketplace, and it isn't the materials you're using for cleaning.

On the contrary, emphasize efficiency and turn around time for delivering complete work.

Show a bit of personality in your recommendations that will create a positive impact on your business.

Don’t ignore your client's feedback -

Clients are your priority. Your business is alive because of them. Your company's aim should be to provide the best service consistently.

You shouldn’t ignore them or do anything that might upset them..

Give a final check -

When you are finished writing a proposal, you have to give a final check before publishing.

If anything is left, please add it, which is your last chance to improve/alter something.

improve/alter something

A final check can prepare the proposal better, and a better proposal can bring clients for you.

Final Note

Finally, please attempt to follow useful guidelines when producing a janitorial service proposal so that you can win big office cleaning contracts. This article includes a guideline that you can easily follow to construct a janitorial proposal for service.

Training improves the quality of your janitorial services. Individuals who are involved as cleaning custodians must undergo training, frequently training every janitorial crew member with greater precision, instructing them to carry out their responsibilities within a time-frame with complete professionalism. The quality of clients is always random. Some clients hire fast, and are often picky.

Certified janitors are considered more reliable by facility managers and often make more money compared to non-certified contractors; therefore, as an office cleaner you upskill by introducing them to certified training programs.

Nine Janitorial Training & Certifications That You Must Possess

1. Janitorial Safety Training

Regardless of the diverse range of activities every janitor undertake or how busy they are, safety is their primary priority, always.

Janitorial services often go through risks; as a result, safety-related training intends to engage, educate and encourage your crew to know their responsibilities, including their designated work station.

It helps them minimize the risk of incidents.

Get exclusive janitorial leads who are also actively hiring cleaning contractors in your area.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: UCLA Labour Occupational Safety and Health Program, Labor Occupational Health Program, University of California, Berkeley. OSHA

2. Green Cleaning Training

People nowadays are concerned about the environment, which is why janitorial cleaning services are no longer limited to basic cleaning only.

The environment surrounding us also requires attention.

The green cleaning method introduces eco-friendly cleaning methods, using non-toxic materials without causing any harm to the environment.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: The IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification, New york’s green cleaning program, Green Clean Institute,

3. Bloodborne Certification

Bloodborne Certification (BPC) is intended for janitorial professionals who have the risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens while at work. If they are not trained to handle such situations, they are likely to contract long-term diseases.

This certification course will act as optimal protection against the health risks of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

Objectives of the training:

Emergency procedures to adapt during exposure

Where to find: Save a Life by NHCPS, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, DISQUE Foundation

4. Chemical Hazards Certification (CHC)

Janitorial employees are exposed to a variety of chemical risks.

Chemical Hazard Communication (CHC) enables janitorial workers to meet the chemical requirements, potential hazards, and injury prevention prospects.

A janitorial business must have certain accreditation to work with chemical-related cleaning projects.

Chemical hazard certification (CHC) provides them an acknowledgment of being legally trained workers.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: The IJCSA Chemical Hazards Certification Program (CHC), GHS, and Hazardous Communication Training, OSHA

5. Medical Cleaning Certification (MCC)

This certification includes complete disinfection guidelines and healthcare curriculums.

Medical hospital cleaning requires special attention; hence, the equipment used by doctors primarily surgical, dental, and physician needs to be sanitized thoroughly.

Medical Certification (MCC) trains janitorial workers in disinfection services while cleaning medical facilities.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: The IJCSA Medical Cleaning Certification Program. (MCC), eHotelier Academy

6. Carpet Cleaning Certification

Carpets are sensitive materials considering the fabrics they are made of, every carpet needs intensive focus for cleaning.

This certification prepares your janitorial employees to learn different carpet fabrics and how to handle them appropriately.


Objectives of the training:

Where to find: Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), IICRC, IJCSA Carpet Cleaning Certification (CCC),

7. Customer Service Certification

Customer service holds the reputation of a company.

Every employee of a company needs to acquire this training regardless of the department they come from.

Janitorial employees must possess this certificate meant to demonstrate to teammates and superiors that a service representative is dedicated to their job.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: The IJCSA Customer Service Certification Program (CSC), Customer Service Training Program for Cleaning Technicians

8. Certificate in Hospitality Cleaning


This certificate will provide the knowledge and skills required for providing housekeeping services to guests.

Hotel guests expect a clean and organized environment. Janitorial employees will learn about cleaning room essentials.

They will be trained to deliver entry-level skills to apply for cleaning jobs in hospitality management.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: Professional Certificate in Housekeeping & Hospitality Management, Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE) Online Program, eHotelier Academy

9. Certification in Floor Care

Commercial cleaning firms need employees with hard floor care skills. This certification curriculum covers various floor care services, including burnishing, buffing, polishing, washing, re-coating, stripping and waxing, and more.

Objectives of the training:

Where to find: xlnorth.com, Floor Technician Custodial Certification


Certification can always be valuable to show that you have invested enough time and gathered the appropriate degree of expertise in the field of your work. The whole experience of the training will have a positive impact on your career. There are many websites and agencies providing free courses. As a janitorial employee, it's desirable to invest time in such training programs.

Most janitorial professionals are inclined to follow a specific checklist that helps them go over all vital aspects of a well-orchestrated commercial cleaning process. To help janitorial businesses and staff with this plan, we’ve put together the perfect cleaning walkthrough checklist that ticks out the most critical areas needing attention.

Significance of Maintaining a Cleaning Checklist -

For a janitorial business, having a checklist is paramount.

When you show up to your client with a checklist, you will instantly project professionalism.

Doing so will help you by establishing a good impression; therefore, can prepare multiple things on the basis of your checklist ahead of time.

Let’s see how having a prepared janitorial cleaning checklist benefits you:

Checklist for office bathroom and restroom cleaning:

Bathrooms and restrooms are among the most important areas to clean.

This area is prone to the continuous accumulation of germs and bacteria. The toilet deserves the most attention on the cleaning checklist.

Here are the necessary steps you need to ensure when cleaning bathrooms and restrooms -

Checklist for office kitchen and canteen:

The kitchen is where the food is prepared.

Ensuring a clean environment in your kitchen is mandatory and cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, consider going through this checklist before initiating the process -

Checklist for entrance and exit areas in office premises -

Entrances are the most frequented areas in offices and homes.

People walking in with their shoes often leave a mess that needs immediate attention.

Follow the checklist for entry points:

Reception area checklist:

Office Desk and Cubicles Cleaning Checklist -

Where office employees sit and work, particularly an office desk or conference room tables, such spots must be organized thoroughly with focus.

Ensure Orchestrated Cleaning With a Checklist

Let’s start with the basic idea of a cleaning checklist and how it can define a proper cleaning procedure.

Checklist acts as a guidance for janitorial support teams

For starters, you should communicate with clients and find out what they're concerned about.

You can then refer to the cleaning checklist and initiate process by referring to the correct data in hand.

Showing up with a proper checklist will make you appear reliable, and your clients will have a better impression of your cleaning business. When your clients notice your efficient work practices guided by a cleaning checklist, you will stand a chance at winning long-term janitorial cleaning contracts.

Without a checklist, you may miss out on areas that need inspection and cleaning.

A cleaning task checklist, however, reveals the spots that require the most attention, making the end result satisfactory.

Start and End With Inspection...

Things to Consider During an Inspection

Systematic approach for achieving target or cleaning objective

Janitorial cleaning must follow a systematic process, often requiring you to go through every step in a manner that delivers thorough cleaning, and preventing the filth of an unclean room from spreading to other regions in an office.

The first focus on a janitorial cleaning checklist is inspection. A proper inspection will pave the way for effective cleaning.

At your starting inspection, notice every corner of the rooms.

 Note it down if any place requires special care. Talk to the owner about your cleaning process and hear what and how they want the work done. 

Take a note if they need any changes to your existing checklist.

Understanding clients' requirements is an advantageous way to stand out as a cleaning company.

Furthermore, an inspection at the end of every cleaning will ascertain how well you’ve done the job, or anything you may have missed out.

An inspection -

Through this, you will have a clear idea of the entire cleaning process, along with any special requests your client may have. Make sure you don’t miss any dust-collecting details.

With this checklist, you could initiate and eventually finish any cleaning contract -


As the competition gets fierce among janitorial businesses, you have the chance to stand out with standardized cleaning processes. Cleaning checklists are there to enforce thorough planning and proper speculation about clients' requirements Inherently, a janitorial business needs to provide complete client satisfaction to make way for growth and with a checklist, this becomes easy. Usually, it becomes difficult to remember all the places to clean, and, sometimes cleaners may miss out on spots.

So, to make sure no places remain untouched and to ensure great client satisfaction, you must follow the janitorial cleaning checklist that standardizes your work process.

The janitorial industry is particularly competitive when it comes to startups. While the difficulties of starting a new janitorial business could pose threats, but acquiring a janitorial franchise can be an excellent way to initiate. You get yourself a head start at minimal risks and could be equally profitable. Once you’ve made up your mind, which janitorial franchise do you pick?

Read along to uncover the best janitorial franchise opportunities in 2022, compiled with accurate market research.

The Top Commercial Cleaning (Janitorial) Franchises of 2022

1. 360clean (JaniMed)

360clean created the JaniMed cleaning system to ensure spaces are genuinely clean, not simply clean-looking. It employs healthcare sanitizers, HEPA vacuums, microfiber swabs on frequently-touched areas. It also uses Green Seal-approved items, implying its anti-bacterial approach over environmental concerns. Then again, microorganisms are invisible.


This same network, founded in 2005 and franchising since 2008 with both master and unit franchises, has grown from 24 sites in 2010 to 86 locations today; all are franchised locations inside the United States.

2. CleanNet USA

CleanNet USA provides janitorial services along with building and grounds maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning, the business offers a Cleaning Environmental Service that is eco-friendly and employs Green Seal materials for LEED certification. The firm was founded in 1988 and had been franchising since then.


The number of sites has declined in recent years from the peak of 5,274 in 2011 to a current total of 1,746 locations, none of which are company-owned and 48 of which are situated outside the United States.


JAN-PRO offers a variety of commercial cleaning and janitorial services, including its EnviroShield commercial disinfection solution, which is comparable to what clinics use. Its backpack vacuum cleaners meet or surpass HEPA filtration requirements. The franchise caters to small industrial firms with less than 50,000 square feet of space. Incline Investment Associates just bought it from Webster Investment, the former owner. Professionals use the color scheme microfiber wipes for contagion. JAN-PRO, established in 1991 in the USA and franchised since 1992, provides both master and single-unit franchising options.


The number of sites has progressively increased from 7,084 in 2011 to the present total of 10,388. None of those is operated by the firm, and 1,860 of these are situated outside the United States.

4. ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean has spent a lot of time and work creating its cleaning standards based on CDC, HEPA, and other federal agencies' guidelines for health services. Franchisees can apply for in-house financing through ServiceMaster Clean Acceptance Company, a component of the franchisee. Franchisees can apply for in-house financing through ServiceMaster Clean Acceptance Company, a component of the franchisee. Just unit franchises, not parent franchises, are available for purchase.


Established in 1929 in the USA, the number of sites has been stable for several years and now counts at 4,937, with nine business locations and 1,815 outside the United States.

5. Coverall

Coverall is a hygiene and health-based janitorial and cleaning franchise that gained a lot of medical institution contracts and all types of other corporate customers because of its focus on establishing germ-free, hygienic workplaces. Formed in 1985 and franchising ever since the number of sites in recent years is 8,278, none are the organization's owned, and 1,480 of them are situated outside of the United States.


Unlike the majority of the firms, it solely provides unit franchises. It promises to adopt environmentally safe methods.

6. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Vanguard Cleaning Systems sets itself apart from the competitors in the market:

  • For every client, a separate account consultant
  • Notified and driven to surpass standards
  • Excellent cleaning technology
  • Broad and specialized capabilities
  • Rigorous regulation units and master franchises are available from the firm

Established in 1984 and expanding since then, the number of sites has progressively increased from 1,519 in 2009 to 3,118 in recent years. None of them are company-owned now, and 296 are outside the United States.

7. Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago Cleaning Systems offers a comprehensive training program, cutting-edge technology, and environmentally friendly products to a range of commercial enterprises and benefits. The company reinforces its Complete Warrantee with two hour visit day following any cleanup service to settle any unresolved concerns. The main office was relocated to Florida. Including its HEPA filter compressors and recyclable micro fibre towels, the company's Green Cleaning Initiative is continually on the hunt for innovative and healthier cleaning agents.


The firm, established in 1989 and has been franchising since 1991, provides both master and single-unit franchises. In recent times, there are 1,711 sites, none are company-owned, and 72 are located outside of the United States.

8. Buildingstars International

Buildingstars International differs from other firms as it only focuses on cleaning all commercial establishments. Instead, it concentrates only on business premises to decrease the variance that cleaners and janitors must deal with. Established in 1998, the number of sites has progressively increased to 906; only seven are company-owned, and the rest of them are situated in the United States. In addition, the corporation provides a mechanism for franchisees to set into the market. The Technicians Franchisee allows a partner to start cleaning service with flexible time while keeping their current job.


Once they're eligible, they can become a full-time Centralized Manager with their cleaning staff.

After gaining sufficient expertise, students can progress to the Business program, which focuses on more extensive facilities and clients.

9. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions' trademark Stratus Green Clean, a sustainable and environment-friendly service using their products of bio-based, non-toxic, and Green Seal Certified LEED Stratus Green Clean chemicals free of Toxicants, naturally occurring substances, and colognes, is available to all forms of commercial companies. The firm, founded in 2004, has been franchising since 2006 and provides dual master and unit franchises.


The overall number of sites has increased in recent years, about 2,030 locations none are company-owned and 109 of which are situated outside of the United States.

10. Mint Condition

Green Seal-certified cleaning chemicals are used in its business cleaning services, marketed as staying clean for a healthy life. Mint Condition provides both unit and master franchise opportunities. The firm was founded in 1996 in the USA. It provides both unit and master franchises. The number of sites has progressively increased in recent years, and now 409 locations are available. None of them are company-owned.


Technicians undergo comprehensive training courses, teaching processes, practical learning experiences, and onsite experience.

So the above mentioned were the top 10 Janitorial franchise options to look for in 2022; however, it will be wrong if we miss these following cleaners operating equally well. Perhaps, in the following years, we can see them topping the chart -

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services provides janitorial and floor care facilities that surpass their cleaning standards.

Green Seal-approved cleaning solutions, elevated appliances, and recyclable micro-fiber wipes and cleaning products are among the company's environmentally friendly commitments. Because it does not seem to be a franchise business option, this is a unit franchise chance.


Hoodz has a stronger emphasis on technical aspects than many other competitors.

System4 Facility Services Management

Began as a traditional commercial cleaning company; it rebranded as a full-service facility management firm.

City Wide Maintenance

Health-conscious corporate janitorial or commercial cleaning company providing numerous facility maintenance services inside and outside structures. Because master franchises are not stated, this looks to be a unit franchise opportunity.

Image One Facility Solutions

Image One Facility Solutions provides commercial clients with ~

Its patented IntelliClean technology pays close attention to details by basing on how many shares the company franchisee wants to manage. These companies are currently offering segmented unit franchises for buyers.

Critical Thoughts on Janitorial Franchises

The franchises on this list were ranked according to the number of increasing units in the franchise system in recent years. They are ranked after thorough research on client reviews and their current market value and popularity.

On the internet, the sea of knowledge is beyond measure and much like the universe, the knowledge base keeps expanding each day. For those working in the janitorial space, information is certainly not lacking in any way; as a result, anybody that wishes to read commercial cleaning books, particularly on how to build six-figures as a cleaning service then start from these SEVEN best-sellers.

We highly recommend these books if you wish to experience growth as a janitorial business owner.

Books that benefit -

Written by professionals, these seven books have outlined real-life scenarios, based on which you too, could build a successful commercial cleaning service.

1. The Science of Professional Cleaning ~ Forrest L. Farmer

Packed with janitorial business nuances, this book takes a very different stand unfolding the cleaning industry with a step-by-step approach.

The Science of Professional Cleaning has been written by one of the best authors in the cleaning industry who has been credited for writing multiple best-sellers on running janitorial businesses successfully.

It lays out the inner workings of the cleaning business and explains with a touch of scientific theory conveying the true essence of every aspect in detail.

Forrest L. Farmer is a respected figure known to possess vast knowledge which he passes on through his books.

Get yourself “The Science of Professional Cleaning” and delve deep into the cogs and gears of the janitorial industry.

2. Inside the Janitorial Business ~ Frederick R. Massey

Inside the Janitorial Business” is one of the greatest books ever written by a leading author who has cemented his legacy by publishing numerous books on similar topics.

As an aspiring enthusiast in the commercial cleaning space looking to build their own startup then this is a must-read.

The renowned author of this book has contributed other books that look at the janitorial industry from various angles.

In this book, you will learn how professionals have started their businesses and remained sustainable

Inside the Janitorial Business” is a book we highly recommend as its value has never changed with time, and we can guarantee that it will still be relevant a hundred years from now.

3. Careers in Janitorial and Cleaning Services ~ Don Rauf

Before we get into the details of this book, it is necessary to mention its author.

Don Rauf has been known as a key figure in the field of progressive technology who has written and published over 50 books covering numerous topics, including janitorial business in detail.

Careers in Janitorial and Cleaning Services” is one of his most prolific pieces that has left no stone unturned conveying the depth of knowledge behind it all.

This book has been a recent release being available for purchase since 2014 comprising updated data that janitorial business owners generally seek.

The texts describe the cleaning business as an essential career despite the marred notion in the eyes of the general public.

Don Rauf takes this career and elevates it to a position that deems it a necessity for society.

4. How to Start Run and Grow a Successful Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business ~ Maria Carmen

When anyone seeks to start a janitorial business, there are lots of questions that may go through their mind.

The uncertainty of starting and running a cleaning business is no small issue and this book is the perfect guide for those seeking glory in the field of janitorial services.

The author has laid out the most effective plan that helps startups make their move with precision.

Moreover, startups don’t continue to face obstacles for long by jumping straight into action and winning janitorial bids.

5. The DO's and DON'Ts of Contract Cleaning From One Who DID and DIDN'T ~ Richard D. Ollek CBSE

Janitorial Business owners need to amass vast knowledge on the industry they’re currently in and it pays to know the do’s and don’ts when outlining a janitorial business plan.

Janitorial cleaning books like these are hard to come by, especially, those written by prominent figures in the industry.

Richard D. Ollek is someone you can trust when he states the Do’s and Don’ts of contract cleaning.

This book was written with years of experimenting and implementing different tactics while compiling a list of things that you should absolutely avoid doing.

This in-depth guide can help your cleaning business get on the right track when it comes to finding cleaning contracts without spending a fortune!

We recommend giving this book a read before starting your own operations as a cleaning business.

You may grasp the vital knowledge to prevent yourself from making mistakes while helping you to make the right decisions.

6. Jump Into Janitorial: How to build a cleaning business netting over six figures a year ~ Ron Piscatelli

Janitorial businesses have the innate capability of generating profits that can rival high-ranking business models.

This often doesn’t occur to everyone while they are confined to marginal profits.

Ron Piscatelli, a renowned author who writes books that cover topics on how to maximize profits as an entrepreneur.

His book “Jump Into Janitorial: How to build a cleaning business netting over six figures a year” outlines the perfect business model that can help janitors maximize their profits.

We guarantee legitimacy of the tactics in this book as they have already helped our associates yield profits.

7. Speed Cleaning ~ Jeff Campbell

If all other books were written on a serious note, “Speed Cleaning” exhibits a more relaxed and entertaining tone for its readers.

This book is the perfect go-to guide for every janitorial business owner and staff. The author, Jeff Campbell, is well known for writing knowledgeable books with a tone that entertains readers.

With the effective cleaning processes and strategies mentioned in this book, janitorial staff can refine their techniques and impress clients with ease.

It is a lighter side to learning and refining your cleaning techniques.

We recommend janitorial business owners instruct their staff read this book for learning the effective techniques mentioned in this book.


Cleaning business books can prove to be a valuable asset for janitorial business owners. Their techniques are not confined by time, enabling them to guide and operate a cleaning business with finesse.

There are countless commercial cleaning books written so far on the cleaning business model as these seven tips will suffice.


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