Approach Office Managers Directly Through Janitorial Appointment Setting

Jason Hunt
October 8, 2021

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″] When you are a professional in the janitorial business, the biggest obstacle that stands in your way is getting through to the office managers or facility managers and hand over a cleaning estimate. It can pose itself daunting as you’re unsure what to expect. Besides, pay-per-lead commercial cleaning jobs are not that simple for cleaning businesses to avail.[/su_note]

When you have an appointment scheduled with management, work becomes much easier. You just show up, discuss the scope of work, share your estimates and win the job!

Get To Know More About Janitorial Appointment Setting

Janitorial appointment setting facilitates and accelerates lead conversions, therefore, making it easier for commercial cleaners to find cleaning jobs all through the year!

Connecting with office managers directly can be time-consuming, which is why Janitorial Leads Pro leverages multiple channels of online communication; as a result, making it easier for the managers to find us instead.

The process of commercial cleaning lead generation tackles multiple challenges that cleaning companies generally come across while trying to reel in solid commercial cleaning contracts.

Let’s get down to how you, as the main man leading a janitorial business, can approach office managers directly by using our exclusive janitorial appointment setting program for greater efficiency and skyrocketing sales.

Leads vs Appointments

There are value-added services attached to each appointment; otherwise, leads are just random contact information whose intent you are unsure of e.g. in case of appointments, you can be guaranteed that a certain individual from Dallas, Texas is on the lookout for a cleaning service.

All you have to do is simply show up at a particular office, talk to the office manager, inspect the place, and finally hand over a cleaning quote.

Moreover, janitors get notified whenever any unavoidable circumstances appear and the manager decides to reschedule the interview.

Our job will be to make sure that your calendar is automatically updated ahead of time.

Investing in leads is always a risky game for emerging janitorial business owners. There might be countless vendors selling or reselling leads but it pales in comparison to those who offer set appointments.

A lead may have a 50% chance of converting to a job but an appointment not only has a higher conversion rate but it has already been followed through and verified before being qualified.

With an appointment, a janitorial service provider can start serving instantly.

Established Connections

If you’re getting your leads or appointments from any renowned organization then you can rest assured that they will be capable of attaining your desired results for your janitorial business.

Reputed commercial cleaning lead generation and appointment setting firms such as Janitorial Leads Pro have been around for a long time now and have established a network where their services have gained popularity.


Office managers all across the US collaborate with these appointment-setting firms willingly as they are constantly on the lookout for reliable office cleaners.

If you are the owner of a cleaning business then you are also aware of the effect communications can have on appointments and jobs. Established contacts approach facility managers with confidence whenever you’re prepared to visit and inspect offices nearby.

With You Till The Job Is Done

“A job worth doing is worth doing right”

A reputed lead generation firm will not just sell you commercial cleaning leads but also ensure that you get the job done.

This follow-up method ensures that janitorial company owners get the job done right. Professional lead generation firms like Janitorial Leads Pro help you manage your calendar while following up on each of your appointments and update you on the changes by facilitating communication between you and the office managers.

Higher Conversion Rates

Converting our leads to confirmed jobs has to be your number one priority, but can you truly rely on just leads?

For commercial cleaning leads, there has to be information exchange between you and the office managers whom you must convince while elaborating on exactly why you are right for the job.

Everything might sound like a lot of work and truth be told, it can often get too difficult for cleaning business owners whose forte is cleaning and not janitorial telemarketing.

Leave that to reputed lead generation firms as they provide you with confirmed appointments that are halfway towards conversion. Through perfected cold calling methods, office managers have already expressed interest.

All you need to do now is get hold of these appointments by visiting them in person and discuss the job in detail.

Office Managers Awaiting Your Arrival

The most common scenario after purchasing janitorial leads is pursuing those leads to know the accuracy of data and whether they are actually willing to hire a janitor.

However, things are different with appointment setting – knowing where to look and which offices to reach out.

This approach is personalized fully to ensure target customers are in need or at least verify their need for janitorial services. When you approach office managers through an appointment setting, know that they require your cleaning services.

All you need to do is approach them, hear out their requirements and quote your price.

Higher ROI

If you’re out seeking commercial cleaning jobs as a janitor then you will obviously need to make some investments.

If you’re not partnering with a reliable office cleaning lead generation company, you will need to invest heavily in marketing; therefore, causing your undivided focus and resources to shift onto other redundancies.

In a nutshell, it is much easier with appointment setting(apart from the signup fee and additional charges for each closed appointment between janitorial and facility managers).


In comparison to independent marketing and outreach, which is basically a long and arduous process that bears fruit in the long run, by then you are more likely to eventually lose interest and give up.

Your return on investment could be tenfold if you’re approaching managers through appointment-setting instead!

Trusted Source for B2B Janitorial Lead Generation

Lead generation firms don’t just sell you leads and appointments that guarantee commercial cleaning jobs, they also speak on your behalf.

Through constant contact and follow-up, the leads and appointments harvested by reliable lead generation firms often tend to build lasting working relationships with office managers. Through a constant supply of reliable cleaners, office managers usually always turn to these lead generation firms like us to save their time.

This, in turn, makes lead generation firms a trusted source for B2B office cleaning lead generation. This reputation garnered over the years of excellence also speaks, particularly the Janitorial Leads Pro reviews on Google and Facebook!

With a trusted lead generation program designed specifically for appointment setting for landing newer commercial cleaning contracts.

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