Top 5 Reasons Our Janitorial Appointments are Successfully Closed

Jack Dickson
August 11, 2021
Janitorial Leads Pro has worked with various businesses throughout the years across the entire United States. We have accumulated data worth three years elaborating on what a B2B janitorial appointment setting program is all about, particularly for commercial cleaning companies' contracts.

The entire process of our appointment system is swift and efficient for both parties, cleaning technicians and facility managers alike. Janitorial businesses mainly buy janitorial leads only after an appointment has been confirmed and your calendar updated.

You will be notified well ahead of time If any changes arise because of unavoidable circumstances by our in-house customer support because our goal is to help you connect with office managers without wasting your valuable time during the initial screening process. 

Finding Commercial Cleaning Leads Through Janitorial Appointments Nearby-

Janitorial Leads Pro focuses on locating prospects seeking office cleaners. To ensure and meet your needs, we double-check every lead for you.

We can identify and get more cleaning tasks to assist you as you make more money each year. 

The first step in expanding your cleaning service is to get more organized and then locate leads.

Check for Janitorial Leads Pro reviews on Google to find out what our janitors have to say regarding our janitorial leads appointment setting program.

Expanding Connections by Cold Calling

Our cleaning appointment setting service is ongoing throughout every year for connecting cleaners and facility managers. 

Once an appointment is confirmed and payment made, we will SMS you the venue’s time, date, address, and other pertinent information for you to hand over an estimate.

In case any changes might arise, we will duly notify you well ahead of time so that your schedule remains occupied.

 Our janitorial appointment setting script has been tried and tested as we have booked more than 1.5K+ appointments successfully for various janitorial services all these years of operation. 

We believe that it’s all about synchronizing with every receiver about whom we try to understand their cleaning needs or requirements.

Cold Calling Office Managers for Appointment Scheduling - Janitorial Leads Pro

Social Networking and Community Engagement -

We continuously rank higher basing relevant search results through SEO and social media to connect with facility managers ready to hire janitors.

As we aggressively invest in relevant searched terms, more commercial centers and offices can reach out to us easily while searching for janitorial service. 

 Our janitorial telemarketing team has expertise in confirming/booking newer janitorial leads or appointments for you each week.  

We have further established our presence in the market by leveraging digital marketing as we continue to adopt 360-degree communication channels for branding your janitorial business in your area.

Voice Promotion and Email Marketing

Our multi-lingual telemarketers are fluent in English and Spanish; as a result, developing a meaningful relationship with every facility manager, who in return, always reaches out to us whenever they need to hire a janitor. 

It's about adopting the right approach while communicating with office managers more personally, perhaps, a friendlier yet compelling way of greeting them.

Most janitors often ask,

“What is the best way to get commercial cleaning contracts?” 

The more accurate and feasible your cleaning estimate is, the greater your chance of signing up for a new contract.

For big office cleaning contracts, we recommend you allow us to bolster your brand instead of you saying yes to any unfairly priced janitorial cleaning contract. 

Our email campaigns are ongoing to connect with office managers of different companies to inform them how a clean workplace is always responsible for a highly productive workforce.

Janitorial Leads Pro has email marketers on staff that may remind other businesses about the cleaning services you're ready to offer.

Government cleaning contracts appoint dedicated agents for developing personal relationships.

Follow Up on Appointments

One of the key reasons most of our appointments are closed successfully is that we follow up on every janitorial lead that is actively hiring; subsequently, we help you connect with them if you're operating in the same area.

Janitorial Leads Pro has lifted the burden of tracking janitorial appointments entirely off your shoulders.

Our dedicated agents will contact you in case any janitorial cleaning contract might become available in your region.

Janitorial Leads Pro handles all the details so you can focus on cleaning, your core business activity.


It comes with various price ranges for every new appointment packages appointment and the accuracy of information lets you choose your option according to your need and budget.

We offer four different pricing options, so you get to make the most workable investment. The packages come with additional value-added service options based on your budget. 

  • The starter package starts with ten appointments per month. You can get a silver package with 20 appointments with the extra money.
  • Golden package with golden with 30 appointments.
  • Platinum package with 50 appointments each month

No need to worry for you as our commercial cleaning leads will always be available as our agent agents continue to look for potential job offers in your area.  

There’s an exclusive additional package available for the Ongoing pandemic situation. That’s COVID-19’s sanitizing leads. 

Janitorial Appointment Setting & Digital Branding

With our in-house marketing staff specializing in specific operations such as SEO and social media marketing, Janitorial Leads Pro has elevated the entire janitorial leads appointment setting to a whole new level!

This includes all the facilities you will get in the other four packages.

 Once you've set up an appointment, all you have to do now is make sure you meet the prospect on time as the rest is up to you for impressing the manager.  

Conclusion -

Commercial cleaning contractors are undoubtedly concerned with considerably more critical responsibilities, such as cleaning offices. Janitorial Leads Pro will function as an economic growth company for you, primarily by getting more appointments and marketing your cleaning business online, allowing you to focus more on the actual job.

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